Parts is Parts

The new operation is coming along well.  There are some exciting things going on and upcoming developments that will help those who love these old Porsches.

Update 1: The ’88 924S M030 Restoration is coming along well.  The body is painted in glorious black, so reassembly has become.  The list is long, but progress is being made.  Image result for headliner express logoWe have the rear lights, bumpers and “spats” in place, along with the rear hatch.  We have made arrangements with Headliner Express in Winter Park to do the headliner replacement – special since the car has no sunroof.  We have also sourced the proper grey cloth upholstery from Werk924 in Germany, and have Maitland Auto Upholstery lined up to do the seats.  A brand new Porsche dashboard tops off the interior restoration.

While this car will not be a concours winner, it will be a great, original-spec M030 as it was delivered.  It will be a showpiece for, but as with anything we have, it will be for sale for the right price.

Update 2: The ’82 924 ITB (SCCA) Race Car Build has been on the back burner for way too long.  The driveline is in, including a newly-acquired LSD transaxle with 924S gearing.  Nothing is going back into the car that does not need to be there, keeping weight as low as possible.  We are looking forward to the Florida race season in 2018 to get out there and make some waves.

Update 3: is involved in building a new PCA SP2 924S Race Car for Nort Northam and NortSport Racing.   Nort totaled his 924S in February at Sebring, even through the damage was isolated to the right front.  Driveline, rear and left front suspension are all good, and there are a lot of great parts in great condition left in the car.  So we acquired a 924S race car, and it will be the New NortSport Racer.  Debut in February at the 48 Hours at Sebring.

Update 4: Finding Parts For YOU!  Through the diligent work of Liquid Genius out of Orlando, we are implementing a custom parts inventory system that will allow us to Related imageknow what we have, the condition of each part and where each part is located in our facilities.  Using QR codes, we can identify each part by part number, what it fits, what it was taken from, and other pertinent details.  More importantly we will also know the facility, shelf and bin that holds the part in question (Look out Amazon!  We will not, however, deliver your part by drone drop!)  We are in the process of cataloging the hundreds of parts that we currently hold, and will be operational with the new system by the end of the year.  Some of this system will bleed over to this site – you will be able to browse and buy online. will not be doing customer car service any time soon – we are just not set up for it.  In the future?  You never know.  But we will be your number one stop for 924, 924S and 944 parts and advice.  Bookmark this page.

More blog articles will be forthcoming that deal with tech issues and other interesting stuff.  Keep an eye on us!


Author: Kevin Duffy, LLC, DeLand, FL

After retiring from a career in Law Enforcement, Kevin Duffy turned his attention to one of his passions, Porsche 944's and 924S's. He owns LLC in DeLand, FL, rescuing and restoring forgotten Porsches, bringing them back to a useful life. He is especially interested in the rare-but-beautiful 924S Special Edition. He can be found at Porsche Club events, including track days, tours and shows, as well as other car-focused events around the southeastern United States.

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