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Parts For Sale

We have parts cars that we use to keep other cars alive, and also have parts on the shelf.  Most of the parts have come from Porsche 924S and early 944 (Series I) cars, although we have a few others. 

For now we have a listing of the general parts that we have on hand along with a list of parts cars that have some parts already stripped.  We have four complete cars as noted below with descriptions of their condition.  Of course, everything is for sale for the right price, all are in good used condition.

Email us with your needs and we will see what we can do.  We also always look for parts cars in the central Florida area (I-4 corridor), so let us know if you have something that you need trailered away!

Porsche Parts:


  • 944 Transaxles, mostly early mounting.
  • 944S Transaxle (1)
  • 924S Transaxle
  • Early 924 4-speed Transaxle


  • Various 944/924S engine parts
  • Cylinder heads
  • Cams and cam towers
  • Stock radiators (non-turbo)


  • 16″ D-90 Wheels
  • Various Phone Dial 15×7 for 924S
  • 16×8″ Phone Dial
  • Email with your needs

Body and Trim

  • 924S bodies in rust-free state
  • Several hoods
  • Several rear hatches
  • Left front fender, 944 (non-turbo early)
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Miscellaneous body and trim pieces
  • Miscellaneous interior and trim pieces



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