924S Special Edition Replica Coin

When new, the dealer provided new owners of the 924S Special Edition with a 2.5” metal coin with an image of a 924S and Porsche 924S Special Edition 1988 circling the edge.  As those of us who have these Special Edition cars, the coins in most cases are “long gone.”  It has been rumored that in some cases the coins never left the dealership.  Finding an original coin can be difficult at best and maybe pretty expensive.  Thanks to Keith Legg of the Atlanta area, we obtained an original from him when we bought one of our Special Edition cars from him.  It is a cherished piece, but here at 924S944.com, we decided that EVERY Special Edition should have the commemorative coin to go with it – as it should be.

So we shopped around and commissioned a custom coin maker to duplicate the original Special Edition Coin.  These replica coins are now available from us in very limited quantity.  They did a great job duplicating the relief of the car and the writing, and the color is very close to the original.

These are not original coins and to be sure there is no mixup, we had Not original, Duplicated by 924S944.com LLC engraved on the reverse side.  On the original, the reverse side is flat and blank, so there should be no confusion that these are not original coins.  However, using aftermarket parts on our 944’s and 924S’s is pretty common – think of this as an “aftermarket” coin!

Take a look at the comparison photos of the original and the replica.  The one of the right is the original.  The one on the left is our replica.  I will point out that the original on the right is thirty-five years old with original “patina” that cannot be duplicated accurately.












The price is $39 which includes shipping to the lower 48 states.  Email KRDuffy@me.com to order.