Pre-Purchase Inspection (or “Ran When Parked”)

944 treeIf you live in the Central Florida area, Kevin Duffy and are available to complete a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection (PPI) prior to your 944, 924 or 924S purchase (we do not do 968 PPI at this time – sorry).  We know these cars and can spot problem areas quickly – and you can avoid buying a “bad car.”  Don’t take the owner’s word for it – “only needs a fuel pump and a tune-up.”  We can provide you with a complete overview of not only current condition but also what it will take to bring your new purchase up to the standards that you desire.

What about turning your 924/944/924S into a track day car?  What do you need to do, how much will it cost, and what can you expect to get when you are finished?  We can do an inspection on your car and make recommendations for parts and labor.  We can help with advice on project to help you keep from spending too much effort, time and money on your track day project – and help you get just want you want.

Call (386-547-9625) or email for more details and to schedule your inspection report.  Prices start at $99, depending on the distances and timing needed.  Considering a purchase at a distance?  We can also evaluate your choice at a distance, and even help arrange for a knowledgeable colleague to inspect the car in person – and ask the right questions, take photos and report back objectively.  Of course, there are never any guarantees when it comes to a PPI, but do you want someone evaluating your investment who is used to checking out Chevy pickup trucks and Dodge Caravans?  Or would you rather trust us at


Pre-Sale Report, too!  Here is something that you have not heard of before – a “Pre-Sale Report!”  Let’s say that you are going to sell your precious 944 or 924S.  Give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your car.  With your report, you will get:

  • A summary of condition from that you can share with prospective buyers
  • A summary of faults that you may want to fix prior to selling, making your car more attractive to prospective buyers
  • A summary of faults that you may NOT want to fix prior to selling – keep you from wasting money that you may not get back
  • Tips on selling your car for the most money in the fastest time

Armed with this report, you can shop your car with confidence, and buyers will know that you care enough to get them third-party information that they need to make a decision.  Remember that at we do not do any service work – so you can get our reports and summaries with confidence.

Our goal at is to save you money and keep these cars on the roads and on the racetracks – not in junkyards or crushed to become Toyotas and Kias!

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