New Year, New Car, New Shop

IMG_0798Here at we like to have nice stuff.  In November, a nice guy within a day’s drive of our global headquarters here in DeLand, FL emailed me about a car he wanted to sell…found me though the “network” of 924S and 944 people in the southeast.  His email described the car, included a few photos, and asked if I would be interested.

A 1988 924S Special Edition with 24,000 miles on it.  I said “yes.”

With plans made and a trailer-trip done, soon the special Special Edition was in my shop.  It had not been driven in a few years, so the normal maintenance was done – fuel drained, fluids changed, belt and water pump service, new tires.  From there, it was diagnose-and-repair, including a new master cylinder, new rotors and pads, new front wheel bearings, and such.  Then the interior – the original flannel seat facings were sun-and-age-damaged, meaning that they needed to be redone in the original pattern grey-and-maroon cloth.  Exterior cleaning was also on the list.

M030 interior passengerDid I mention that already owns three other Special Edition 924S cars in various stages of restoration?  We also already have three complete interiors redone in the original pattern reproduction German flannel.  Bolt in upgrade.

This particular car drives like a new one.  No driveline noise.  AC and all accessories work as designed.  Quiet.  Shifts smoothly.  Rides wonderfully.

We will put a few miles on our new acquisition who we have named “Moe” since it is also known as an “M030″ car…get it…M030…”Moe…”  Expect to see him at shows and Porsche Club events around the Orlando area, or come to the Porsche Werks Reunion at Amelia Island in March – Moe and Sparky will both be there.

moe sign

So it’s a new year, and we have a new shop on our property in DeLand – 40×60 metal building all insulated, outfitted with two lifts, cleaning tank, bead blasters and lots of tools and equipment to play with.  It is SOOOO much nicer to be 100 feet from the back door with lots of great LED lighting and lots of space…and hot water, refrigerator, double sink, cabinets and granite countertops!

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There is still a lot of un-packing and storing and sorting to do with all the parts that we have, but it is functional at this point.  Having both a two-post and a drive-on four post lift is a great addition, especially since the four-post can be dropped on its own wheels and rolled outside for pressure-washing nasty undersides.

How about your New Year?

Author: Kevin Duffy, LLC, DeLand, FL

After retiring from a career in Law Enforcement, Kevin Duffy turned his attention to one of his passions, Porsche 944's and 924S's. He owns LLC in DeLand, FL, rescuing and restoring forgotten Porsches, bringing them back to a useful life. He is especially interested in the rare-but-beautiful 924S Special Edition. He can be found at Porsche Club events, including track days, tours and shows, as well as other car-focused events around the southeastern United States.

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  1. Love it! I have always wanted an SE – pretty cool that you have four. Congrats on the new shop!

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