Porsche Night in Orlando – Featuring the 924/944/924S/968 was FANTASTIC!!

Monday Night was Porsche Night at the ACE Cafe in Downtown Orlando, and the Front-Engine Water-Cooled Porsches were highly represented!  July 16 featured our cars with over twenty front engine water cooled Porsches.  We all had a great time, so if you were there, thanks for coming.  If you couldn’t make it, you missed out!

IMG_2632The third MONDAY each month is Porsche Night at the Ace Cafe in downtown Orlando.  On July 16, the evening featured the front engine water cooled Porsches – 924, 944, 924S and 968.  A variety of models were present from early 944’s to 968’s and a 928.

The Ace Cafe is a great venue for an impromptu car show.  And the front engine water cooled Porsches don’t get enough recognition in the Porsche or sports car community, so this is a great opportunity to put our cars in front of the crowds.

924S944.com worked with Cycle Fever TV to help organize this event – check them out on Facebook and Youtube!  Cycle Fever TV interviewed us, talking about our cars and our love for Porsches.  I was interviewed, followed by Jennifer and Greg Barrows with their 968.  Then a panel of three local racers who campaign 944’s in SCCA and PCA Club racing – and all champions in their classes.

Look for a complete article soon at 924S944.com, and check out Cycle Fever TV’s video.


Author: Kevin Duffy, 924S944.com LLC, DeLand, FL

After retiring from a career in Law Enforcement, Kevin Duffy turned his attention to one of his passions, Porsche 944's and 924S's. He owns 924S944.com LLC in DeLand, FL, rescuing and restoring forgotten Porsches, bringing them back to a useful life. He is especially interested in the rare-but-beautiful 924S Special Edition. He can be found at Porsche Club events, including track days, tours and shows, as well as other car-focused events around the southeastern United States.

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