Monday Night was Porsche Night at the ACE Cafe in Downtown Orlando, and the Front-Engine Water-Cooled Porsches were highly represented!  July 16 featured our cars with over twenty front engine water cooled Porsches.  We all had a great time, so if you were there, thanks for coming.  If you couldn’t make it, you missed out!

IMG_2632The third MONDAY each month is Porsche Night at the Ace Cafe in downtown Orlando.  On July 16, the evening featured the front engine water cooled Porsches – 924, 944, 924S and 968.  A variety of models were present from early 944’s to 968’s and a 928.

The Ace Cafe is a great venue for an impromptu car show.  And the front engine water cooled Porsches don’t get enough recognition in the Porsche or sports car community, so this is a great opportunity to put our cars in front of the crowds. worked with Cycle Fever TV to help organize this event – check them out on Facebook and Youtube!  Cycle Fever TV interviewed us, talking about our cars and our love for Porsches.  I was interviewed, followed by Jennifer and Greg Barrows with their 968.  Then a panel of three local racers who campaign 944’s in SCCA and PCA Club racing – and all champions in their classes.

Look for a complete article soon at, and check out Cycle Fever TV’s video.