The 1st Annual April Fool’s 944 Reintroduction Rally

Okay – here it is.  Back on April Fool’s Day 2018 we published an article here about the reintroduction of the 944 by Porsche – total fabrication, Happy April Fool’s Day!.  Anyway, it was by far the most popular, talked about and read article ever published on this site.  Even though there was another article explaining that it was all shenaniganswe still get mentions, reads and questions about Porsche’s intentions with the “new 944.”

So why not celebrate it?

Now in the early planning stages, we are going to have the First Annual April Fool’s 944 Reintroduction Rally in Central Florida this year on the Saturday before April Fool’s Day – March 30.  We will start from a location in Beautiful DeLand (the gateway to Orange City and the home of and end in the Orlando area at a location to be determined.  The rally will be a simple tour with questions along the way, allowing a driver and navigator to drive some nice roads and see some sights while fighting over the answers to questions along the way.  We are looking for lunch to be served at the end.


behindthewheelIf this is something that you would like to attend, please let us know at or check it out on Facebook with a comment.  There will be more announcements after January 1st, and pre-registration will be required.  Depending on what we can muster up for lunch, there may be a small fee to help defray expenses.  More to follow.

ONLY 944’s and its variants will be allowed to participate!  924, 931, 937, 944, 924S, 951, 944S, 944S2 and 968 only!  Of course, “outlaw” 944’s are invited and welcome, so bring your LSX 944’s to the fray!

Again, this is only in the early planning stages now.  Subscribe for updates!


Author: Kevin Duffy, Author and Chief Geek

Kevin Duffy is a retired Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in Florida and a dedicated car guy. He now spends his time with Porsche 924S, 944's and 968's in his backyard shop. He is active in the Porsche Club of America, and he concentrates on 924S and the 924S Special Editions, doing rescues and restorations.

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