Wheels and Powder

Here at 924S944.com, we have the luxury and pleasure of being next door to Ron Papkes of Papkes Customs.  Ron does Dustless Blasting, Powder Coating, Heat (Ceramic) Coating and HydroGraphics Transfer…great stuff.  He does great work, and we have some of his products to prove it.

Using “Porsche Silver” powder, he has blasted some phone dial wheels and coated them with silver, including the entire wheel (backs too!) and then done a great job to fill in the black crest – all with powder.  The “raw” finish gives a satin look, or he can then coat them with clear to give them a great shine.  The color is very close to the original Porsche paint color, and the wheels look great.

With several sets of wheels done, we then decided to try something else – Cookie Cutters.  Many of these wheels have lost their protective clear coat on the polished rim causing corrosion and pitting on the surface.  So we gave him a set of straight Cookies to see what he could do using a black and then a silver powder that is close to a chrome when completed.  After blasting, Ron did the centers in black, the polished rim in silver, then the center cap in silver with black in the emblem.  He then clear-coated the entire wheel with clear powder.  The result was quite stunning.

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We have this set of four Cookie Cutters for sale unless we can find a car that deserves them here.  This process isn’t cheap, but the final product is remarkable.

Need something done in powder?  Headers with ceramic?  Visit Ron’s website and give him a call.  If you are not in the Central Florida area, you can ship to him with a quick turnaround.


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Author: Kevin Duffy, Author and Chief Geek

Kevin Duffy is a retired Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in Florida and a dedicated car guy. He now spends his time with Porsche 924S, 944's and 968's in his backyard shop. He is active in the Porsche Club of America, and he concentrates on 924S and the 924S Special Editions, doing rescues and restorations.

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