Image result for jalopnik logoJalopnik published an article today entitled “Americans Bought More EV’s Than Manual Transmission Cars in 2019.”

According to the article, 1.6% of 2019 new car sales were electric vehicles.  Contrast that with only 1.1% of total sales in 2019 with three pedals.

Image result for porsche 944 stick shiftThat is quite a commentary on the state of automobile enthusiasm today.  We understand that some of the new automatics are pretty good, and actually make the car faster.  But “working the stick” is still a staple of sports car driving.

Reason 349 to keep driving 944’s and 924S’s.

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As a side note, Our granddaughter, her dad (my son) and I have started a resurrection of a 1987 924S for her, with the 14-year-old doing most of the mechanical work.  Yes, it’s an automatic.  Plus a friend has a 23-year-old granddaughter who really would like to have a 944 or 924S…with an automatic.

Image result for porsche 944 automatic shifter

Just thought you would like to know where we are headed.  Let’s keep these stick-shift cars on the road!