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Road Trip with COVID-19

Well, things are starting to open up, and we are emerging from our caves to see that Spring has sprung.  Birds are chirping, pollen is in the air and it is well past time to get in the Porsche and go for a drive – except that along with the pollen, COVID-19 is also in the air.  So how do you go out, enjoy the Spring and your Porsche and still stay safe from the dreaded coronavirus?

Coronavirus-CDCLet’s be clear up front that COVID-19 is nothing to sneeze at…okay, that was a little cheap.   But this is a highly contagious virus that can have devastating consequences on some folks in our communities.  We won’t go into a lecture about high-risk folks and staying home, but we have to be smart if we are going to venture out. And we want to venture out, don’t we?

imageBeing smart means not taking chances that are not necessary while still trying to enjoy the day.  Here at, we tend to lean towards the “high risk” side of the equation, so we want to be extra careful when considering an on-the-road adventure.  Here are some tips that you may or may not consider when heading out on YOUR adventure.

  • If you feel sick, stay home.  We don’t need your germs out in public.
  • Bring your mask.  There are places now that are now allowed to open, but they will require that you wear a mask.  That’s fine unless you don’t have one.  So bring it along.
  • Don’t wear your mask while driving your car.  There have been reports of drivers passing out behind the wheel and crashing because, well, wearing your mask all the time cuts down on valuable oxygen to the brain.
  • Try to plan ahead.  If you are going to another town for a quick lunch, check to see if the places you want to go are actually open and what restriction they may have in place.
  • If you can, plan for open-air destinations rather than closed venues.  The virus is more difficult to transfer in the open.
  • Despite the opening photo, your car does not need a mask.
  • Disinfect your control surfaces in your car – buttons, steering wheel, gearshift, radio – whatever you touch.  You or someone else can pick up the virus, then leave it on the wheel or somewhere else in you car for later.
  • Convertibles should have the top down for maximum safety from the virus.  Plus, it’s Spring!image
  • Don’t pick up strangers, especially those who look sick.  Even if he is wearing a mask.
  • Employ this new concept called “Social Distancing.”  For some of us, this is normal.  For others, it is the “new normal.”
  • Try your best to have a good time.  A couple of us used to go to a town about thirty miles away on our motorcycles on Saturday morning to a certain General Store and buy a Yoo-Hoo, then turn around and ride home.  It was a great way to start the weekend.

Your road trip should be an escape from all that is happening, so use good sense and courtesy, follow the rules, stay safe – and have fun.  After all, how can an afternoon jaunt in your Porsche not be fun?

Here at we are planning on doing some HPDE events this summer.  After all, other than the driver’s meeting, social distancing is pretty easy to do at the race track.  You tinker with the car, you run your car on track, you tinker some more, and you take a nap in between.  Social Distancing at its best! And all out in the open!

Stay safe!

Kevin Duffy, Author and Chief Geek View All

Kevin Duffy is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in Florida and a dedicated car guy. He divides his time between teaching criminal justice topics in the online environment and working on/driving cars, particularly Porsches. Kevin is one of the principals in

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