1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition – Moe – SOLD!

1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition “Moe” SOLD!

29,000 Miles  $22,800

This is a wonderful LOW MILES 924S Special Edition that is in ORIGINAL CONDITION!  The cloth interior has been carefully and professionally reupholstered using reproduction fabric from Germany (Werk924.com).  Named “Moe,” he has been a regular at the Porsche Werks Reunion at the Amelia Island Concours.  If you are looking for a 924S Special Edition in original condition, this is your car.

Moe was acquired several years ago and has represented 924S944.com at many club events, shows and other gatherings.  We have added 5,000 miles in the past few years, but it is still just under 30,000 miles.  We have recently added new Koni adjustable sport shocks and struts (originals were non-adjustable Koni).  After a recent failure, we replaced the cylinder head with a rebuilt one and also did the required belt, rollers and water pump service.  (We seized one of the timing belt rollers and broke the belt on the way to a Florida Citrus Region PCA monthly meeting in Orlando.)

The 924S Special Edition was produced in July 1987 as some of the first 1988 924S models that came off the line.  There were 980 built worldwide with around 500 of them shipped for the North American market.  This makes the 924S Special Edition one of the most rare production Porsches ever made.

So what is so special about the 924S Special Edition?  This model is a “lightweight” that was produced with weight savings in mind.  Gone were the power windows and power mirrors – instead, it has crank windows and lighter plastic side mirrors.  Even the right side mirror was an option!  The M030 suspension option was included with height-adjustable 250# coil-over front struts and larger rear torsion bars, paired up with 944 Turbo sway bars and Koni Sport shocks. Porsche staggered the wheels with 15×6 on the front and 15×7 on the rear.  While a few were built with the optional sunroof, most were delivered without a heavy power sunroof.  North American cars all came with air conditioning, power steering and a Blaupunkt cassette radio, because we are Americans and we want those things.  The 1988 924S and 944 2.5 single cam came with a higher compression ratio, boosting horsepower from 147 to 160.  (That doesn’t sound like much, but is it an almost 9% increase!)

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