1984 Porsche 944 AUTOMATIC – SOLD!

This 944 was obtained from the original owner who took delivery in Germany – “Tourist Delivery” – from Orlando.  We went through it, taking care of all of the deferred maintenance including new tires, fluid changes with filters, tuneup and making sure that everything worked as designed.  This is a great original 944 automatic that has been loved and cared for its whole life.

New tires are fitted on powder-coated cookie cutter wheels.  We installed new struts and shocks, installed a new battery and rebuilt AC Compressor with a new Expansion Valve.  New sunroof seals make sure that the sunroof works as designed.  New steering bushing, tail light seals, hatch seal, and other refurbishments make this a great car.

The original guards red paint has its share of dings and scratches.  The interior is an extra-cost original cloth pinstripe.  Rubber mats help keep everything clean.  Carpet is original linen color.

The fuel filter and tank fuel screen are new.  Things like wiper blades, visor clips, front and rear lift supports, hatch pins and steering wheel have also been replaced or refurbished.

The rear hatch and rear quarter windows have older tint on them.

Records from new show that the troublesome transmission damper plate was replaced at about 75K miles.  Timing service was done at 90K miles, and the automatic transmission was removed for a major service at about 65K miles.

This car runs well with cold air and a smooth-shifting automatic.  It’s ready to go!